Expanscape present 2 New Portable Multi-Screen innovations!

The world's first SEVEN Screen Laptop Computer and the WORLD's FIRST "Pocketable" Dual Screen Portable Server - The TeenySERV Duo!

*Note both innovations are currently engineering prototypes

**Expanscape will be manufacturing and selling and leasing our prototypes even before they are finalised as we recognise there is an immediate demand for these items in the DevOps, SecOps, CyberSecurity and Day;Stock;Commodity Trader communities. Contact us at prototypesales@expansys.com for details.

***The name "Aurora7" is just the name of our Engineering prototype.

The Expanscape Aurora 7 Prototype

Made for DevSecOps!, Data Scientists, and Content Creators! Go to site, do your thing with no compromises - then pack up the Aurora7 and leave!

Worlds First 7 Screen Laptop

7 Screens for all your heavy duty compute needs.

The World's first Laptop with 4x4K screens integrated

4x 17.3inch 4K/UHD panels as well as 3x 7inch 1920x1200 displays connected to the GPU as well as an additional mini display that displays system status info and user configurable content. (The palmrest LCD is a multitouch enabled.

Unbridled CPU/GPU Performance

Designed with advanced level users in mind which is why we use the latest 8core/16thread processors, up to 128GB RAM, and NVIDIA GTX solutions.

(The displayed Aurora7 Prototype utilises a heavily modified/customised ODM laptop with a i9 9900k CPU.)

Mobile Security Operations Center

Worlds first fully integrated mobile Security Operations Center solution.

Fully intergrated rechargeable system

Power all 7 screens and work from anywhere! - No extra batteries or power packs required as the integrated rechargeable battery system powers everything!

The TeenySERV DUO Prototype

A "Pocketable" Virtualisation and Simulation solution while on the go! (Designed to be used while standing squashed up on the train during morning/evening commute.)

Dual Screen "Pocketable" Server

A "Pocketable" portable server with 2 7inch 1920x1200 screens to aid multitasking and a backlit thumb keyboard to ensure error free typed input while labbing, red teaming, or designing!

64GB RAM and Quadcore i7 processor in your "Pocket"

The Only "Pocketable" solution with dual screens that fits a quad core 8 thread Intel i7 (4GHz+), an NVMe SSD, and 64 GB RAM in your pocket! (Granted they'll need to be pockets of the larger sort!)


TeenySERV was originally designed specifically for completing virtualised CyberSecurity and Networking labs with the GNS3 Network Simulator while on the go however it has a plethora of other uses.

Integrated programmable embedded Microcontroller!!

Put your Arduino skills to use while on the go.

Additional Variants

There are several different versions of the TeenSERV. More info coming soon!

Expanscape aspire to the 3 "U"s philosophy!
Utilitarian, Uncompromising, and Unconventional. We bring difficult ideas to fruition!

Download prototype photos below.





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