Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Byte Iron

Our founder is the founder of Byte Iron Limited and Expanscape which is a trading name of Byte Iron Limited, a small UK based MSP and Cyber Security Consultancy. Our founder, an individual with a predisposition to all things technological has nearly 20 years of commercial experience in the Managed IT Services Sector. His skillset encompasses the many facets of Information Technology and Information Security and he also holds industry certifications in a variety of IT disciplines. After founding Byte Iron several years back, he recognised various challenges, limitations and flaws related to conventional portable computing hardware: namely laptops and smartphones when used in a DevOps, SecOps and general IT support capacity. he also lamented the inefficiences of trying to code or enter commands into a terminal session on a laptop or smartphone/tablet whilst standing up on the tube during his daily commutes.

In a moment of clarity, he has designed and created very "specific" portable multiscreen computer prototypes with dedicated hardware keyboards with the sole intent of resolving some of these challenges within his workflow and daily commutes. However, he received many requests for these prototypes from IT Managers and DevOps and SecOps teams which initially made up the core of Byte Iron clients. Indeed the requests became so prevalent, he decided to temporarily wind Byte Iron Limited down to focus on refining and commercialising his prototypes.

Our founder has created several iterations of his prototypes and was able to achieve most of his prototype objectives. Due to the vast array of different systems he has to monitor and maintain, one important objective was an actual Mobile Security Operations Center to ease SIEM* and Systems/Network monitoring when out in the field. This objective was achieved with the "Aurora 7" prototype.
*Security Information and Event Management

The TeenySERV Duo prototype now allows our founder to achieve the following whilst standing squashed up on the train during the morning commute:

  • Simulate customer environments
  • Simulate both Red Team and Blue Team strategy for Cyber Security virtual labs
  • Test new Cyber Security products
  • Build complex network topologies using new methodologies and standards
  • Test custom designed automation scripts and technologies on virtualised vendor hardware and associated APIs
  • Create and test custom applications for Arduino based hardware and IoT devices.

All the above bullet points are mostly achieved because of the massively improved typing efficiency when using the TeenySERV Duo's thumb keyboard and the sheer power available due to the TeenySERVs on-board Quad Core, 8 thread, i7 processor and 64GB of RAM.

"After testing the prototypes over the course of several months we are now ready to let the world know they exist!"

Our founder has big ambitions and even bigger ideas. There are several other technology based innovations our founder has created for Expanscape that will be detailed at a later stage.

Our founder has now restarted the Byte Iron Cyber Security consultancy and IT managed services business with an initial focus on the Canadian, American and European markets.

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