• A very powerful server for your rather large "Pocket"!
  • A very portable DROP-IN server replacement.

The TeenySERV Prototypes

I'm the founder of Byte Iron and Expanscape which is a trading name of Byte Iron Limited a Cyber Security and Managed IT Services company based in the UK.

The TeenySERV was a simple idea I had several years back after growing frustrated using various conventional devices to complete virtualised network labs and writing code whilst standing "squashed" against my fellow commuters on my morning train commute.

I can spend several hours in a week just standing on a train going to clients and I'm all about effective, productive use of time AT ALL TIMES.

What was initially a solution to my simple train problem ended up becoming an amazingly useful tool.

  • I have used it as a drop-in emergency server replacement several times
  • It's litterally PERFECT for troubleshooting network issues in small confined spaces, server cabinets, comms rooms, data centers etc
  • Due to the internal 64GB RAM and quad core, 8 thread Intel i7, it's perfect for completing virtualised labs in GNS3 and EVE-NG while on the go
  • It's perfect for AUTHORISED Red Team operations
  • The integrated Arduino compatible embedded controller allows you to code and test IoT projects while on the go
  • It has applications in many other areas

Prototype Objective Breakdown and Achievment percentage:

This is a breakdown of the TeenySERV objectives. It also shows how much of the objective in percentage was achieved with the TeenySERV Duo prototype.


There are several other TeenySERV variants. These will feature on the TeenySERV dedicated website www.TeenySERV.com

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