Expanscape A7 M3 prototype - purchase contract info:

As mentioned in our marketing material - We will be selling our prototypes while they are being developed. Please note that because our solutions are at the prototype stage, prototype purchases will be subject to a contract.

We will be selling a default configuration of the A7 M3 that features 7 screens and bleeding edge specifications befitting an advanced mobile workstation.

Due to our current manufacturing processes we will not be deviating from our chosen designs or core specifications for the A7 M3 at this stage. However core specifications will improve as new technology becomes available that we deem fit to include in the A7 M3.
(Our outlook is to be at the bleeding edge of technology.)

Expanscape A7 M3 Pricing info:

To purchase the A7 M3 please email us at enquiries@expanscape.com. We will then send you a link to a secure form to provide your contact details.

Please note that your contact details will only be used for the purposes of purchasing our prototypes and absolutely nothing else.

Due to the fact that we are selling an exclusive prototype you will have to sign an NDA prohibiting you from discussing your pricing arangemments.

Pricing will reflect the costs and development involved and the fact that we are in the very early stages of our prototype's development.

Please note that pricing may change as we get closer to releasing a commercial product.

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