• Designed for for professionals
  • A Laptop with exactly ZERO compromises.
    (Aurora 7 prototype running on battery)

The story of the Aurora 7

I'm the founder of Byte Iron and Expanscape which is a trading name of Byte Iron Limited a Cyber Security and Managed IT Services company based in the UK.

As a busy Information security professional I always have "MANY" Apps and Services open....

On a typical business day at ByteIron I have all the following open:

  • Several SIEM solutions
  • Several Platform Monitoring solutions
  • Web portals to multiple SaaS, PaaS, ERPs, CRMs, Email Services etc
  • Multiple VMs
  • Multiple SSH Sessions
  • 2 IDEs
  • A Virtual Network Lab platform.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm a busy guy...

On many a weekend I'd be onsite at one of my clients or working remotely in the field and I would be continuously minimising/maximising moving windows around...

To say this got tiring real fast on a laptop equipped with one screen would be an understatement.

I had an idea, and after completing a market assessment I realised nothing on the market existed or compared even remotely to what I had in mind.

I also realised my idea would have applications in Content Creation, Data Visualisation, Day/Stock/Commodity trading.

So I set about designing and implementing my idea.

There were SEVERAL major hiccups along the way... But like anything else I set my mind to - Got there in the end. :)

Prototype Objective Summary:

Very simple :) - Design and build a proper mobile Security Operations Center.

I always knew this would be an ambitious undertaking. Power considerations, structural rigidity, actual portability and the ability to be easily and quickly compactible were priorities. For a further break down of the objectives please read on.

Prototype Objective Breakdown and Achievement percentage:

This is a breakdown of the objectives. It also shows how much of the objective in percentage was achieved with the Aurora 7 Prototype.


Building, travelling with and using the Aurora 7 Prototype has given us an edge and everything we have learned will be going into the Expanscape A7 M2, A7 Extreme, A5 15 and A5 13 prototypes that we are currently developing.

The Expanscape A7 M2 which is basically an even better designed Aurora 7 & is currently in the development phase and will even be sold in prototype form during it's development as we recognised that professionals need this stuff NOW.

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